Who owns the equipment?

The best part about the Digital Home Advantage is that DISH Network owns the equipment. That’s how we can offer you up to a 6 room hookup including professional standard installation for free. Digital Home Advantage does require a 24 month commitment to qualifying programming.

I’m not sure which package to choose.

Your annual commitment can be as low as the America’s Top 120. Remember that you must call DISH Network directly for any downgrades and/or changes of service. DISH Network does charge a $5 downgrade fee per phone call where changes in programming are made. Deletions of adult programming incur a higher fee and are determined by the programmers.

Adult Programming

Click here to see a complete listing of adult programming offered through DISH Network. You can even hide adult programming so it doesn’t appear on the on-screen guide. DISH Network offers Adult Guard so that if you choose to subscribe to adult programming, it doesn’t have to appear as a programming option until you are ready to view it.

Homeowners Association forbids satellite dishes.

In August 1996, the FCC released the “Satellite Consumer Bill of Rights.” This prohibits area zoning ordinances and Homeowner Association contracts and restrictions on DBS dish antennas. The 1996 Telecommunications Act is on your side in this matter. Our dishes, sizes 18″ and 20″ comply with the Satellite Consumer Bill of Rights.

Dolby Surround vs. Dolby Digital

Dolby Surround and Dolby Digital differ in two ways. Dolby Surround has only 4 channels; Left, Right, Center and Rear; whereas, Dolby Digital has 5.1 channels; Left, Right, Center, Right Surround, Left Surround, and Low Frequency Effects. Dolby Digital gives you a more realistic sound profile as compared to Dolby Surround.


The Digital Home Plan offers a lifetime warranty on all your DISH Network electronics and for the first 9 months, you’ll even get DISH Network’s Digital Home Protection Plan (DHPP). DHPP offers additional coverage against some of the non-warrantable things that life can throw at us, plus in-home service calls at a greatly reduced cost if you’re outside your initial labor warranty period.

Is this offer available in my area?

Most Dish Network offers are available through the continental United States. Certain offers are only available in some areas. Please call us @ 1-877-895-DISH (3474) to get the best offer available for your area. Your installer will make sure that you are eligible for a clear reception prior to installation.

Local Channels

Local channels are available in every DMA (Designated Market Area) and are included Free in DISH America, AT120, AT200, AT250, and America’s Everything Package. Click here to view what channels are available in your area.

My commitment has not yet expired and I have to move.

No problem. Digital Home Protection Plan offers a free move with the DISH Movers program. If your don’t have Digital Home Protection Plan, just call DISH Network at 1-800-333-3474 and they’ll schedule your move at a discounted rate.

HDTV signal

You will receive a PURE DIGITAL signal which is comparable to DVD quality. This signal will look incredible on ANY television, including HDTVs. We do offer High-Definition (HD) satellite receivers if you want HD reception in your home. Most HD programming is FREE with DISH America or higher packages.

High-Speed Internet Services

Yes! We offer multiple High-Speed Internet options. Call 1-877-895-DISH (3474) for full details.