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AMC’s newest show Preacher is based off of the hit comic series that shares the same name. Announced back in 2013 Sam Catlin, Evan Goldberg and everyone’s favorite funny guy Seth Rogen we’re partnering up to develop the new show. 3 years later in May of 2016 the show’s aired its pilot episode simple tilted “Pilot”. With the show being fairly new, you may ask yourself what is this show all about? Is this something I could get into and what should I know about the comic book? What are the top things to know about AMC’s Preacher?

Here goes our guide to help you enjoy Preacher that much more:

Preacher is Adult Themed.

Preacher the TV show is based off the hit comic book series published by Vertigo Comics an imprint of DC comics (home of Superman and Batman). This allowed for the publisher (DC Comics) to have more creative freedom and release adult themed content for adults without having to blemish their family friendly image. With that being said it should be a clear indicator that this show will deal with more mature themed content similar to AMC’s The Walking Dead. Preacher source material is very graphic in nature, adult themed and it deals with more mature topics. Seeing that one of the main protagonists is a vampire you would expect that the best time to watch Preacher is when the kids are sleeping.

Preacher Has a Lot to Deal with the Supernatural.AMC Preacher

Preacher tells the story about a small town preacher named Jesse Custer in TX. Jesse gets possessed by a powerful being code named Genesis. Genesis is a crossbreed of angel and a demon which makes it very powerful. Other characters include Cassidy a vampire, an assortment of angels, mystical creatures and who could forget God himself as a character. Expect to see plenty of comparisons and call backs to religious books and believes in Preacher.

Talking Preacher 

Just like AMC’s The Walking Dead, Preacher does in fact have its own live talk show right after each episode airs; featuring the same host, Chris Hardwick. You can expect to see guess from all walks of entertainment on the show. Talking Preacher will give you a closer insight into the show with interviews, exclusive trailers and questions from the audiences. For those who enjoyed other of AMC’s live TV shows you’ll be right at home.

It’s Not Sticking to the Comic.

While Preacher is based off the comic book series it is not expected to stay as close to the source material as some would think. Directors Rogen and Goldberg originally wanted to stay very close to the comic and recreate scenes frame by frame, but producers thought it would be better to go in a completely different direction. Just like The Walking Dead, some characters will change and the timeline may be different. This way viewer who have already read the comic book series or who have some knowledge of it can still enjoy the show and have a few surprises along the way.


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